Training School – Artificial Intelligence in Neuro-Oncology

Training School – Artificial Intelligence in Neuro-Oncology

25 - 27 July 2022 University College Dublin Ireland
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Radiomics, genomics, artificial intelligence… Not a single neuro-imaging conference without talks within these fields. But how should we interpret these results? How can we use them in our own research? And more importantly, how can these play a role witin the fied of neuro-oncology? GliMR is unites top researchers within these fields to answer these questions.

Join our summer school from 25 to 27 July 2022 in Dublin!

Registration (deadline 15th April)

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Program at-a-glance

Full program will follow soon.

Monday 25 July 2022 – Introduction, Radiomics, Genomics, Medical Imaging

Time (UTC)Session
08.45h – 09.00hWelcome
09.00h – 10.00hRadiomics in Neuro-Oncology
10.00h – 11.00hGenomics – Integrating genomics into neuro-oncology
11.10h – 11.15hCoffee break
11.15h – 12.15hAdvanced medical imaging modalities – MRI
12.15h – 13.15hLunch
13.15h – 14.15hRadiomics and AI: tools, workflow & biomarkers –
State of the art (lecture)
14.15h – 15.15hRadiomics applied (Hands-on) –
Pyradiomics or similar, image preprocessing,
feature extraction, and statistical analysis – Part 1
15.15h – 15.30hCoffee break
15.30h – 16.30hRadiomics applied (Hands-on) –
Pyradiomics or similar, image preprocessing,
feature extraction, and statistical analysis – Part 2

Tuesday 26 July 2022 – Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Advanced)ion, Radiomics, Genomics, Medical Imaging

Time (UTC)Session
09.00h – 10.00hXAI and recent developments
10.00h – 11.00hMONAI Architecture and its applications in
brain tumor diagnosis
11.00h – 11.15hCoffee break
11.15h – 12.15hAdvanced machine learning and deep learning
approaches in brain tumour diagnosis and prognosis
(Hands-on MONAI)
12.15h – 13.15hLunch
13.15h – 14.15hNeed for XAI in clinical translation
14.15h – 15.15hDesigning inclusive AI, trust and ethics
15.15h – 15.30hCoffee break
15.30h – 16.30hData Governance
Network gala diner

Wednesday 27 July 2022 – Industry talk/demonstration and Panel Discussion

09.00h – 11.15hIndustry Demo’s TBA
12.15h – 13.15hLunch
13.15h – 15.15hPanel Discussion TBA
15.15h – 15.30hCoffee break
15.30h – 16.30hFederated Learning – Something to look for

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