WG2 – Multi-site data integration

WG2 – Multi-site data integration
Working Group 2 coordinates multi-site data integration and enables the creation of large datasets in glioma diagnostics via the creation of common GDPR- and BIDS-compliant forms and data structures.

WG2 will focus on:

  • Data privacy: how to inform participants, collect consent for data sharing, and ensure de-identification of data and anonymity of metadata (Privacy Impact Assessment) in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation?
  • Data infrastructures: which tools and databases are available and how to use them to automate multi-site integration?
  • Data portability: how differences in acquisition parameters can be conveyed with enough details and using a common framework to support future post-processing?

Specific aims:

  • Review existing standards on data privacy and resources for data exchange in glioma imaging research.
  • Review existing data sharing infrastructures.
  • Specify a common data structure to store and convey advanced MRI metadata. In order to facilitate data exchange and interoperability across data platforms, the WG will extend the international BIDS guidelines in setting up the structures for sharing advanced MR imaging data.
Working Group Leaders:
Dr. Camille Maumet (Leader) Dr. Stephan Heunis (Vice-Leader)
If you would like to join WG2 or have any further questions, please contact glimr.cost.wg2@gmail.com.