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Working Groups

In GliMR, we aim to achieve our goals by collaboration within and across five working groups:

WG1 – Advanced MRI biomarkers for glioma characterisation

Working Group 1 focusses on coordinating the identification and quantification of advanced MRI biomarkers for the application in the field of glioma.

WG2 – Multi-site data integration

Working Group 2 coordinates multi-site data integration and enables the creation of large datasets in glioma diagnostics via the creation of common GDPR- and BIDS-compliant forms and data structures.

WG3 – Clinical translation

Working Group 3 focusses on fostering cross-border information exchange about past and current clinical trials and studies of glioma.

WG4 – Stakeholder relations

Working Group 4 ensures representation of all relevant stakeholders within GliMR and acts as liaison from GliMR to all relevant stakeholders.

WG5 – Dissemination

Working Group 5 disseminates the Action’s goals and results in tailored manners to all relevant stakeholders.


Latest News

Postdoctoral Fellowships in ASL Acquisition and Analysis for the Siemens Platform.  A new NIH-funded Academic-Industrial Partnership will support further development and implementation of advanced ASL methods for brain imaging including both acquisition and analysis methods such as 3D acceleration,...

 If you are an Early Career Investigator (ECI) [1] working in a participating Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) [2], and you are your presenting your work on glioma imaging or on the development of advanced MRI techniques with potential for glioma imaging at the upcoming Organization...

Latest Tweets

Let's get together during our lunch meet-up! 👉🏼 the venue has three food trucks 🍔
We will walk to the venue together! 🚶🏼‍♂️Around 11:45 (UTC+1) tomorrow (Tuesday 10th of May) we will meet up at the telephone booth in the Exhibition hall and then walk to the Silver Building.

Hi all! Today a reminder regarding one of our upcoming events. THIS THURSDAY at 4 pm CET, Dr Gilbert Hangel will give a webinar on 7T MRI: What is going on inside of the subject?
Are you interested in learning more regarding safety and biological effects at 7T? Join the talk!