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Working Groups

In GliMR, we aim to achieve our goals by collaboration within and across five working groups:

WG1 – Advanced MRI biomarkers for glioma characterisation

Working Group 1 focusses on coordinating the identification and quantification of advanced MRI biomarkers for the application in the field of glioma.

WG2 – Multi-site data integration

Working Group 2 coordinates multi-site data integration and enables the creation of large datasets in glioma diagnostics via the creation of common GDPR- and BIDS-compliant forms and data structures.

WG3 – Clinical translation

Working Group 3 focusses on fostering cross-border information exchange about past and current clinical trials and studies of glioma.

WG4 – Stakeholder relations

Working Group 4 ensures representation of all relevant stakeholders within GliMR and acts as liaison from GliMR to all relevant stakeholders.

WG5 – Dissemination

Working Group 5 disseminates the Action’s goals and results in tailored manners to all relevant stakeholders.


Latest News

Congratulations to our Researcher of the Month and GliMR Member nr. 200: Ricardo Loução of the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. Ricardo is a biomedical engineer working at the University Hospital of Cologne, as part of the “functional imaging, neuromodulation, and...

The statement is a result of a joint effort of researchers from eight European countries and the US, highlighting evidence gaps and provides a focus for combining resources to tackle these gaps Researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering...

Latest Tweets

Help fund the next events! 🎉🌍COST will allocate budget, depending on the number of participants registered in each working group on the e-COST platform this is NEW and most of you are NOT YET registered with THIS system.
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Annual meeting 2022 from 28 to 30 September in Kuşadasi
To determine the travel reimbursements for all attendees we kindly ask you to fill in this short questionnaire:
If you want to present during the event, email your abstract @

3rd GliMR Annual Meeting - 28-30 Sep '22

Form to gauge interest in joining the 3rd annual meeting of GliMR. This meeting will be organised in the Pine Bay Resort, Kusadasi (Turkey), from 28-3...