GliMR2.0 continues… as a working group of ESMRMB

GliMR2.0 continues… as a working group of ESMRMB


Now that the funding of the COST Association has officially come to an end, we are very happy to announce that GliMR 2.0 will become an official Working Group of the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology. There will soon be a full update about what this entails for all of us and how we are going to proceed in the future. However, we do now want to draw your attention to two major events later this year, which are the annual meeting of the ESMRMB, during which we will be able to organise the annual meeting of GliMR 2.0.

The GliMR 2.0 Annual Meeting 2024

This year we will organise GliMR 2.0 related activities during the upcoming annual meeting of the ESMRMB. This will be held from 2-5 October 2024 in Barcelona (Spain), so mark your calendars! As always, we are planning exciting scientific talks about the latest in glioma treatment and diagnostics and will have plenty of room for you to network and share your own research.

The GliMR 2.0 Young Investigator Award 2024

We invite all young investigators in GliMR 2.0 to submit their ESMRMB abstract for the GliMR 2.0 Young Investigator Award 2024. What do you need to do for this? First, submit your abstract through the official ESMRMB website before April 19th, 2024. After you have done that, make sure to send your abstract (in pdf) to glimr.cost.wg5@gmail.com, with ‘Submission for YIA 2024’ in the subject line. In this email, please also indicate your current ‘academic age’ (e.g. MSc student/PhD candidate/within 8 years of PhD degree).

To be eligible for the GliMR 2.0 YIA 2024 you must be:

  • at maximum within 8 years of PhD degree
  • first author on your ESMRMB submission
  • GliMR 2.0 member (which if you currently aren’t, you can become by sending an email to glimr.cost.wg5@gmail.com. It’s free!)
  • ESMRMB member (which you can become here:https://www.esmrmb.org/membership/ , and gives you a discount for attending the annual meeting).

Networking for your GliMR research project?

During the annual meeting there will be opportunities to make use of meeting rooms in the venue. If you would like to make use of this opportunity for specific GliMR networking activities please get in touch via GliMR 2.0 glimr.cost.wg5@gmail.com.

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