This was our 4th GliMR Annual Meeting 2023

This was our 4th GliMR Annual Meeting 2023


In May, we held our 4th GliMR Annual Meeting ‘Past, Present, and Future’ meeting in Porto. MR in glioma, AI, patient involvement, GliMR projects, funding tips, speed dating, and of course our amazing treasure hunt! Relive the meeting here!

Relive our presentations

WelcomeEsther Warnert (NL)PDFVideo
The history of glioma imagingElke Hattingen (DE)PDFVideo
State of the art glioma imaging in 2023Rui Duarte (PT)PDFVideo
The future of glioma imaging – promising techniques of tomorrowMarion Smits (NL)PDF Video
Spot the glioma! Imaging quiz with a differential diagnosisVera Keil (NL)PDFVideo
Patient engagement in research: who needs it?Kathy Oliver (IBTA)PDFVideo
Perspectives of a doctor-turned-brain tumour patientStuart FarrimondPDFVideo
History of glioma models “From cell lines to tumors”Harisch Poptani (UK)PDFVideo
Preclinical: glioma-neuron communication and GBM progressionVarun Venkataramani (DE)PDFVideo
Preclinical: genetically engineered models of human GBM and novel treatmentsOlaf van Tellingen (NL)PDFVideo
Preclinical: GBM metabolism and treatment-response monitoring in vivoCarles Arús (ES)PDFVideo
AI in clinical settingRoelant Eijgelaar (NL)PDFVideo
Horizon Europe- Health Cluster – what is behind each topicIsabel Carvalho-Oliveira (PT)PDFVideo
Funding the Future: Mastering the Art of Writing Winning ProposalsPeter Gordebeke (EIBIR, AT)PDFVideo
Writing the impact of grantRaquel Almeida, Douglas Thompson (PT)PDFVideo

Relive our atmosphere

Recent News

GliMR is proud to present the second webinar within the series ‘Bridging GliMR’s technical and clinical aspects’, which will be held on Friday 13 October 2023. Register now! During the second webinar, Thomas Booth and Otto Henriksen will focus...