Thank you for joining the annual meeting!

Thank you for joining the annual meeting!

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From 3 to 5 February, GliMR organised the second Annual Meeting. Although we had to meet virtually this year, many of our members joined this three-day programme. Find out who the winner is of the GliMR Price for best Project presentation and relive the meeting by taking a look at some of the shared presentations.

GliMR Project Presentation Price

During the afternoon sessions, our members presented their work. Three project abstract presentors were competing for a STSM Grant:

Gilbert Hangel (Medical University of Vienna) – ‘Precise intraoperative histological sampling using 7T MRSI – Towards better evaluation of metabolic imaging in gliomas.’


Klara Holikova (St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno) – ‘Mapping of glioma heterogeneity and infiltration extend by MR imaging biomarkers.’


Patrick Tang (Erasmus MC) – ‘Physiological MRI for precision radiotherapy of IDH-wildtype glioblastoma.’


We congratulate Patrick Tang with winning this price. We are looking forward to report about his STSM.


GliMR thanks our presentors willing to share there presentation:

Dr. Pieter WesselingState-of-the-art ‘histomolecular’ diagnosis of diffuse gliomas

This list will be updated regularly.

Recent News

28 & 30 September 2022 Tallinn - Estonia

Dr. Gilber Hangel (Medical University of Vienna, Austria) will introduce ius into the world of 7T. Scans at 7T can cause side-effects not observed at lower fields. This talk will discuss what to expect of biological effects of 7...