Thank you for attending our Hybrid Networking Event

Thank you for attending our Hybrid Networking Event

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On 28 September 2021, GliMR organised the first Hybrid Networking Event in Brno. This one-day event was joined by 75 participants in total (20 onsite and 55 virtual). We would like to thank all our participants and speakers.


GliMR thanks our presentors willing to share there presentation:

Session: Webinar

Dr. Ana Paula Candiota – Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging for unraveling glioblastoma microenvironment changes during response to TMZ therapy

Dr. Gilbert Hangel – Metabolic profiles of glioma grade and IDH mutation status using high resolution 7T 3D-MRSI: preliminary results

Ms. Barbara Schmitz-Abecassis – Investigating the value of ATP- and Glutamate-weighted CEST at 7T in comparison to gadolinium contrast enhanced imaging of high-grade gliomas

Ms. Maria del Mar Alvarez-Torres – Lack of benefit of temozolomide for MGMT methylated patients with high vascular glioblastomas

Dr. Tomas Holecek – Mapping of glioma heterogeneity and infiltration extend by MR imaging biomarkers

Session: ‘How to segment tumors in clinical practice’

Dr. Matthew Grech-Sollars – Assessment of automated brain tumor segmentation tools for pre-treatment adult and paediatric clinical data

Ms. Karin Van Garderen – Glioma Segmentation

Session: ‘Brain imaging data structure (BIDS)’

Dr. Camillie Maumet – BIDS: an overview of BIDS + discussion on metadata

Dr. Henk Mutsaerts – How can BIDS advance GliMR?

Prof. Dr. Cyril Pernet – PET-BIDS, Brain Tumours and the OpenNeuroPET project

Ms. Patricia Clement – Organise your data with BIDS – a recipe for success

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