First STSM Awardees

First STSM Awardees

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The first Short Term Scientific Mission grant call has finalized successfully! Eight applications were rewarded with a grant and will go on a STSM in the next month.

In January, a first call for STSM grants was launched, for missions within the first year of GliMR. At the deadline of January, 31th 2020, at least 20 submissions were received. Using transparent scoring rules, published together with these goals, both the quality of project, as well as of the applicant were evaluated by three reviewers. Applicants of ITC’s and ECI were granted an additional advantage.

Of the 20 submissions, 14 were evaluated as complete. Of those, the eight applications with the highest scores were granted. Congratulations to Ruben, Umberto, Beatrice, Ayesha, Burcu, Fatemehsadat, Hande, and Gökçe! Read more about their missions on the STSM awardees page.

Recent News

After the release of the animation video to inform patients about the reuse of medical data, GliMR is organizing a webinar during which GDPR for medical data will be discussed. More information will be announced soon.

Congratulations to our Researcher of the Month: Karin van Garderen Karin van Garderen is a PhD student at Erasmus MC Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Her background is in applied physics and computer science, with a special interest in machine learning and...

GliMR_Brno_28-9-2021 (1)

On 28 September 2021, GliMR organised the first Hybrid Networking Event in Brno. This one-day event was joined by 75 participants in total (20 onsite and 55 virtual). We would like to thank all our participants and speakers. Presentations...