Researcher of the Month #9

Researcher of the Month #9

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Congratulations to our Researcher of the Month: Karin van Garderen

Karin van Garderen is a PhD student at Erasmus MC Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Her background is in applied physics and computer science, with a special interest in machine learning and data analysis. The focus of her PhD project is the longitudinal analysis of low-grade glioma using image analysis techniques. Karin is a member of the Dutch Medical Delta and the GLASS-NL consortium, the latter of which aims to study the evolution of low-grade astrocytoma by gathering a combination of molecular, clinical and imaging data.

“So far, my research has focussed on automated tumor segmentation and its application in clinical and scientific practice. Using these segmentations, we can better understand glioma growth patterns and their relation to molecular changes in the tumor.”

Karin van Garderen