Researcher of the Month #8

Researcher of the Month #8


Congratulations to our Researchers of the Month: Team Webinar

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In our last newsletter, a call was posted for members interested in joining ‘Team Webinar’. Meet the team: Krishnapriya Venugopal, Bárbara Abecassis, Hamail Ayaz, Irene Brumer, and Yulun Wu.

I am Krishnapriya Venugopal, a PhD Researcher in the Department of Radiology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I work under the supervision of Dr. Juan . A. H. Tamames, Dr. Dirk Poot, Dr. Esther Warnert, Dr. Marion Smits from Erasmus MC and Dr. M.J.P van Osch from LUMC, Leiden. My research focuses on the development of MRI techniques to establish vascular fingerprinting of gliomas.

Hi! I’m Bárbara, a 3rd year PhD student at the Gorter Center for High Field MRI at the Leiden University Medical Center, in the Netherlands. My research has mainly been about ultra high field MR imaging of gliomas, primarily exploring the role of metabolic imaging markers. At GliMR I’m mostly involved in sharing our news through our social media channels. Now I’m also helping organizing our first webinar. 

Hamail Ayaz is currently carrying out his Ph.D. research in the Faculty of Engineering at IT Sligo in collaboration with GMIT, Sligo University Hospital, Connolly Hospital, and Adnan Menderes University, Turkey with the project titled “Deep Learning for early diagnosis and classification of Tumors from radiographic images”. Hamail’s areas of expertise include Image Processing, Computer Vision, AI, Biomedical Imaging, Data analysis, and Machine, and Deep learning.

Irène Brumer is currently working at the Chair in Computer Assisted Clinical Medicine, Universität Heidelberg. Irène does research in Medical Physics and more precisely in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Her current project focuses on perfusion MRI using arterial spin labeling for brain and kidney imaging.

I’m Yulun, a PhD student from Applied Physiological Neuroimaging group at Erasmus MC. I’m from physics background and currently working on development of CEST MRI, to in vivo map molecular biomarkers in adult diffuse glioma.

Recent News

GliMR participated in this year’s ESMRMB annual meeting, in Basel, Switzerland, with the session “Glimr Collaborative Session“. This 90 minutes session included presentations by GliMR members Esther Warnert, Patricia Clement, Vera Keil, Joana Pinto, Fatemehsadat Arzanforoosh and Esin Ozturk Isik. Additionally,...

Our Visuals Team has been working hard. They created an official GliMR powerpoint template, that you can find here. Please use this template when presenting GliMR-related work!