Researcher of the Month #10

Researcher of the Month #10

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Congratulations to our Researcher of the Month:  Ivar Wamelink. Ivar takes up the torch from Barbara as responsible for our social media accounts!

WG5 would like to thank Bárbara Abecassis for all of her help and support in the past years. We wish her all the best.

Don’t forget to nominate one of our colleagues for researcher of the month!

Ivar Wamelink

Ivar Wamelink is a PhD student at the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine department of the VUmc Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Before starting his PhD, he studied Technical Medicine in Enschede where he followed the Medical Imaging and Intervention track during his masters. During his final internship at the NKI, he started to appreciate the complex structure of the brain and got intrigued by the realm of artificial intelligence and the field of deep learning. The focus of his PhD project is to reduce the use of gadolinium contrast agents by combining novel AI methods with new advanced MRI techniques.

“Only 4 months ago I started my PhD and so far my research has focused on the reproducibility of APT-CEST in healthy volunteers and glioma patients. With high APT-CEST reproducibility, we can potentially create clinical biomarkers that can be used in (non-invasive) identification and monitoring of glioma patients.”

Ivar Wamelink

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From 7 May untill 12 May 2022, GliMR will be present on the ISMRM 31th Annual Meeting in London! Join us!