GliMR Webinar Series

GliMR Webinar Series


GliMR is proud to present a new webinar series, entitled ‘Bridging GliMR’s technical and clinical aspects’. We will start with a first webinar session on Tuesday 18 april. Register now!

The new webinar series will connect the technical and clinical side of advanced MRI for glioma, discussing open questions, trying to advance the field. During the first session, Bárbara Schmitz Abecassis and Radim Jancalek will focus on advanced MRI for preoperative glioma characterization.

Technical Representative – Bárbara Schmitz Abecassis

Current technical hurdles in advanced MR technique for preoperative glioma characterization: A technique readiness level overview

Clinical Representative – Radim Jancalek

Preoperative imaging of gliomas: unmet clinicians’ needs and hopes placed in advanced MRI techniques.


Recent News

GliMR is proud to present the second webinar within the series ‘Bridging GliMR’s technical and clinical aspects’, which will be held on Friday 13 October 2023. Register now! During the second webinar, Thomas Booth and Otto Henriksen will focus...