Can you bring GliMR from 2.0 to 200?

Can you bring GliMR from 2.0 to 200?

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GliMR is growing to become a grand and inclusive network, with 192 members from over 32 countries! However, we want to reach the magical number 200.

Therefore, we organise a small competition. The GliMR member that introduces member nr 200, wins the opportunity to present his/her work on one of our upcoming events or webinars. Introduce your colleague via e-mail.

Recent News

Congratulations to our Researcher of the Month and GliMR Member nr. 200: Ricardo Loução of the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany. Ricardo is a biomedical engineer working at the University Hospital of Cologne, as part of the “functional imaging, neuromodulation, and...

The statement is a result of a joint effort of researchers from eight European countries and the US, highlighting evidence gaps and provides a focus for combining resources to tackle these gaps Researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering...