4th GliMR Annual Meeting 2023 – Past, present and future

4th GliMR Annual Meeting 2023 – Past, present and future

3-5 May Porto, Portugal

Good news! After a successful annual meeting in Turkey in September, we plan to network, learn, teach and brainstorm again. This year, we will meet each other in Porto, PORTUGAL, from 3-5 MAY 2023!

Preregistration information – PREREGISTRATION CLOSED

We invite all of you who are planning to join us in Porto on 3-5 May 2023 to fill in a short questionnaire. More information and official invitation will be sent only to the pre-registered attendees.

IMPORTANT: Please, do not make any hotel or travel reservations before you have received the official e-cost invitation. For now, only submit your preregistration to receive this invitation and stay informed about the next steps.

Abstract submission – SUBMISSION CLOSED

During the meeting there will be room for all of you to present your current research or upcoming projects. Abstracts of maximum 200 words can be submitted via e-mail until Friday, March 31th, 2023 at 23.59h. GliMR abstract prices will be awarded during the meeting.

Two types of abstracts can be submitted: a ‘classic abstract’ and a ‘project abstract’.

1 – Classic abstract

The ‘classic abstract’ presents results from a recently executed study or project. Abstracts containing data from a recently published study are allowed as well.

Follow the standard abstract structure: introduction, methods, results, discussion, references.

Email subject: GliMR_classic_NameResearcher

2 – Project abstract

The ‘project abstract’ allows researchers to present an ongoing or planned study or project. Reporting results is not mandatory. This type of abstract is open for all members, but mainly encourages early career researchers to present their work. It offers the opportunity to set-up collaborations, open up discussion, or present remaining project issues.

Email subject: GliMR_project_NameResearcher

Program at-a-glance

Wednesday 3 May 2023

09.00-09.30The history of glioma imagingElke Hattingen (DE)
09.30-10.00State of the art glioma imaging in 2023Rui Duarte (PT)
10.30-11.00The future of glioma imaging – promising techniques of tomorrowMarion Smits (NL)
11.00-11.30Past, present and future of glioma imaging –
Roundtable discussion
Elke, Rui, Marion
11.30-12.00Spot the glioma! Imaging quiz with a differential diagnosisVera Keil (NL)
12.00-13.15LUNCH BREAK (hybrid MC meeting in hotel –
only MC members)
13.15-14.00Research speed dating (onsite only)Vera Keil &
Ivar Wamelink (NL)
14.00-14.20Patient engagement in research: who needs it?Kathy Oliver (IBTA)
14.20-14.40Perspectives of a doctor-turned-brain tumour patientStuart Farrimond
14.40-15.00Q&A with patient representatives
15.20-16.30Scientific abstractsGliMR members
17.15 –Visit to a wine cellar (registration required)

Thursday 4 May 2023

09.00-09.15History of glioma models “From cell lines to tumors”Harisch Poptani (UK)
09.15-09.45Preclinical: glioma-neuron communication and GBM progressionVarun Venkataramani (DE)
09.45-10.15Preclinical: genetically engineered models of human GBM and novel treatmentsOlaf van Tellingen (NL)
10.45-11.15Preclinical: GBM metabolism and treatment-response monitoring in vivoCarles Arús (ES)
11.15-11.45Roundtable discussion with invited speakersHarish, Olaf, Carles
11.45-12.45Project presentationsGliMR members
12.45-14.00LUNCH BREAK
14.00-14.40Past/Present/Future GliMR projects
14.40-15.00Group discussions
15.00-15.40Presenting group discussion outcomes
16.10-16.40Project presentations
17.00-20.00Treasure hunt (registration required)
20.00-….Joint dinner (registration required)

Friday 5 May 2023

09.00-09.30AI in clinical settingRoelant Eijgelaar (NL)
09.30-10.00AI in clinics – the pro-con discussionTom Booth (UK) vs. Roelant Eijgelaar (NL)
10.00-10.30Best Abstract Competition
11.00-11.15Best abstract award
11.15-11.45Horizon Europe- Health Cluster – what is behind each topicIsabel Carvalho-Oliveira (PT)
11:45-12:15Funding the Future: Mastering the Art of Writing Winning ProposalsPeter Gordebeke (EIBIR, AT)
12.15-13.30LUNCH BREAK
13.00-14.00Writing the impact of grantRaquel Almeida, Douglas Thompson (PT)
14.00-14.45Roundtable discussion on grant writingIsabel, Peter, Raquel, Douglas
14.45-15.00Closing + explain reimbursementEsther Warnert

Travel and stay

The meeting will be held in the Eurostars Heroismo, Porto, Portugal.

IMPORTANT: Please, do not make any hotel or travel reservations before you have received the official e-cost invitation. For now, only submit your preregistration to receive this invitation and stay informed about the next steps.

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