Annual Meeting 2022 – Turkey

Annual Meeting 2022 – Turkey

28 - 30 September 2022 Kusadasi - Turkey
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Ready to meet each other again? 
Join our annual meeting from 28 to 30 September 2022 in Kusadasi, Turkey! (NEW LOCATION)

Registration information

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Program at-a-glance

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Wednesday 28 September 2022 – Potpourri of glioma science

Time (GMT+3)Session
Genetic MorningImaging genetics by WHO CNS 5 (2021)
08.45h – 09.00hWelcome speech to the attendees
09.00h – 10.30hExpert Talks
10.30h – 11.00hCoffee break
11.00h – 12.00hEducational session
Pearls of Dublin I: Integrating genetic data into Neuro-Oncology
12.00h – 13.00hScientific oral session
Radiogenomics and imaging biomarker studies
13.00h – 15.00hLunch break
Preclinical AfternoonAnimals, Cells, Phantoms
15.00h – 15.45hExpert panel
Building bridges between preclinical and clinical glioma imaging
15.45h – 16.45hHands-on I
Preclinical and phantoms
16.45h – 17.45hScientific oral session
Preclinical glioma science
17.45h – 18.30hPoster walking apero

Thursday 29 September 2022 – Day of data

Time (GMT+3)Session
Data MorningData management and IP
09.00h – 09.45hExpert panel
Networking obstacles and chances
09.45h – 10.45hHands-on II
Data curation, anatomy and physiology
10.45h – 11.15hCoffee break
11.15h – 12.00hExpert talk
Intellectual property
12.00h – 13.00hScientific oral session
Data management and knowledge transfer
13.00h – 14.30hLunch break
Open science AfternoonOpen science/Knowledge transfer
14.30h – 15.00hEducational
GDPR – What to do when you realised that shipping a USB is not a clever plan?
15.00h – 15.30hEducational
15.30h – 16.15hEducational
Pearls of Dublin II: Data governance for AI
16.15h – 17.15hWorkshop
Github – What is it and how do I use it?
17.30h – 19.00hGliMR’s third Treasure Hunt

Friday 30 September 2022 – GliMR Festival

Time (GMT+3)Session
08.45h – 09.00hOpening of the GLIMR Festival 
09.00h – 10.30hScientific oral session
10.30h – 11.00hCoffee break
11.00h – 12.15hGLINDER speed date
Project finds data
12.15h – 13.00hWorkshops
13.00h – 13.30hClosing ceremony with awards 
13.00h – 15.00hLunch break
15.00h – 17.00hManagement Committee (MC) Meeting

Travel and stay

More information will follow soon!

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