Annual Meeting 2022 – Turkey

Annual Meeting 2022 – Turkey

28 - 30 September 2022 Kusadasi - Turkey

Ready to meet each other again? Don’t forget to submit an abstract on your project results, project plans, or MR analysis software or pipeline!
Join our annual meeting from 28 to 30 September 2022 in Kuşadasi, Turkey! (NEW LOCATION)

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Registration information

We invite all of you who are planning to join us at the Turkish Riviera on 28-30 September 2022 to fill in a short questionnaire about your travel plans. Note that we need this information to determine the level of reimbursement for travel for all attendees.

Registrations are closed!

Abstract submission – SUBMISSION CLOSED

During the meeting there will be room for all of you to present your current research or upcoming projects. Abstracts can be submitted via e-mail until Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 at 23.59h. GliMR abstract prices will be awarded during the meeting.

Two types of abstracts can be submitted: a ‘classic abstract’ and a ‘project abstract’. All abstracts should be categorized in one of those four topics:

  • Radiogenomics and imaging biomarker studies (RG)
  • Data management and knowledge transfer (DM)
  • Preclinical applications (PR)
  • Other (OT)

1 – Classic abstract

The ‘classic abstract’ presents results from a recently executed study or project. Abstracts containing data from a recently published study are allowed as well.

Follow the standard abstract structure: introduction, methods, results, discussion, references. Maximum one page.

Email subject: GliMR_classic_topic_NameResearcher

2 – Project abstract

The ‘project abstract’ allows researchers to present an ongoing or planned study or project. Reporting results is not mandatory. This type of abstract is open for all members, but mainly encourages early career researchers to present their work. It offers the opportunity to set-up collaborations, open up discussion, or present remaining project issues. Maximum one page.

Email subject: GliMR_project_topic_NameResearcher

Abstract submission – SUBMISSION CLOSED

During this meeting, there will be room to present your analysis pipeline or software. Applications can be submitted via e-mail until Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 at 23.59h. Make sure you send a brief description about your analysis pipeline or software including MR modality/modalities of interest and (pre)clinical useability.

Program at-a-glance

Full program will follow soon.

Wednesday 28 September 2022 – Potpourri of glioma science

Time (GMT+3)Session
08.45h – 09.00hWelcomeDr. Esin Ozturk Isik (TR)
Dr. Vera Keil (NL)
09.00h –
WHO 2021 Classification of Brain TumoursDr. Ayca Ersen Danyeli (TR)
09.30h – 10.00hAdvanced MR Imaging of Genetics in Adult GliomasDr. Stephanie Thust (UK)
10.00h – 10.30hImaging of Paediatric optic pathway gliomasDr. Shivaram Avula (UK)
10.30h – 11.00hCoffee break
11.00h – 11.30hEducational session
Pearls of Dublin I:
Integrating genetic data into Neuro-Oncology
Dr. Esin Ozturk Isik (TR)
11.30h – 12.30hScientific oral session
Radiogenomics and imaging biomarker studies
Members via abstract submission
12.30h – 14.00hLunch break
14.00h – 14.30hGlioma Animal Models: an overviewProf. Dr. Robrecht Raedt (BE)
14.30h – 15.00hPreclinical diffusion and perfusion imaging in glioma modelsProf. Dr. Harish Poptani (UK)
15.00h – 15.30hValidating multiparametric MRI signatures of the glioma TME by optical imagingDr. Michael Breckwoldt (GE)
15.30h – 16.00hCoffee break
16.00h – 16.30hTranslational MRSIDr. Rui V. Somões (PT)
16.30h – 17.00hTranslational CEST MRIDr. Verena Hörr (GE)
17.00h – 17.30hBrainstorming session: 
Building bridges between preclinical and clinical glioma imaging
Speakers and members
17.30h – 18.00hBrainstorm session
WG1 review
Dr. Gilbert Hangel (GE)

Thursday 29 September 2022 – Day of data

Time (GMT+3)Session
09.00h – 09.45hIntellectual propertyErdem Kaya (TR)
09.45h – 10.30hData curation Dr. Sebastian van der Voort (NL) (virtual)
10.30h – 11.00hCoffee break
11.00h- 11.45hEducational
GDPR – What to do when you realised that shipping a USB is not a clever plan?
Prof. Nils Broeckx (BE) (virtual)
11.45h – 12.15hExpert panel discussion: Networking obstacles and chances
Dr. Sebastian van der Voort (NL); Erdem Kaya; Prof. Nils Broekx (BE); Dr. Robert Oostenveld (NL); Dr. Remi Gau (BE)
12.15h – 13.00hScientific oral session
Data management and knowledge transfer
Members via abstract submission
13.00h – 14.30hLunch break
14.30h – 15.15hCase-based Anatomy and Physiology for non-physiciansDr. Vera Keil (NL)
15.15h – 15.45hBrainstorm session
GliMR’s future
15.45h – 16.15hCoffee break
16.15h – 16.45hConnecting to BIDS initiatives Dr. Robert Oostenveld (NL)
16.45h – 17.30hCommunity building 
GitHub workshop
Dr. Remi Gau (BE)
18.00hGliMR’s 3rd Treasure Hunt at Pine Bay

Friday 30 September 2022 – GliMR Festival

Time (GMT+3)Session
09.00h – 09.05hOpen presentations of glioma processing pipelines and softwaresMembers
09.05h – 09.15hOSIPI – Software Inventories and ContributionsDr. Jan Petr (GE)
09.15h – 09.25hMRSHubDr. Gilbert Hangel (AT)
09.25h – 10.25hSoftware and pipeline presentationsMembership
10.25h – 10.30hBrainstorm – Pipeline Inventory ProjectDr. Patricia Clement (BE)
Dr. Gilbert Hangel (AT)
10.30h – 11.00hCoffee break
11.00h – 12.15hSpeed dating in memory of GLINDER:
Project finds data finds researcher
Registration during the conference!
12.15h – 13.00hMonitoring biomarkers – a summary of the published GliMR position statement & a workshop to kickstart GliMR guidelinesDr. Thomas Booth (UK)
13.00h – 13.30hClosing and awards ceremony
13.00h – 15.00hLunch break
15.00h – 17.00hManagement Committee (MC) Meeting

Travel and stay

Hotel: Pine Bay Holiday Resort, Kuşadası. Please, do not book any room in this resort. We will keep you updated on the procedure to follow.

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