GliMR 2nd webinar

GliMR 2nd webinar


GliMR organised the second webinar within the series ‘Bridging GliMR’s technical and clinical aspects’, Friday 13 October 2023.

During the second webinar, Thomas Booth and Otto Henriksen focussed on the unmet needs of the post-treatment glioma monitoring.

Thomas Booth

The challenges of treatment follow up for high grade glioma.

Otto Henriksen

Advanced imaging for suspected recurrence in high grade glioma – how far are we?

Recent News

GliMR participated in this year’s ESMRMB annual meeting, in Basel, Switzerland, with the session “Glimr Collaborative Session“. This 90 minutes session included presentations by GliMR members Esther Warnert, Patricia Clement, Vera Keil, Joana Pinto, Fatemehsadat Arzanforoosh and Esin Ozturk Isik. Additionally,...

Our Visuals Team has been working hard. They created an official GliMR powerpoint template, that you can find here. Please use this template when presenting GliMR-related work!